Pumpkin Patch Fun

Recently Cody and I visited the pumpkin patch to snap a few pics and grab some pumpkins. I must say, Useugi Pumpkin Patch is the cutest place in the entire central coast. Nestled in San Martin, Ca, its a Instagramer's dream to visit here.

On the day of our visit, we were actually celebrating our anniversary and ended up being able to avoid the crowds due to it being a Tuesday. It was also 86 degrees outside, but that didn't stop people from dressing in sweaters and boots!

Also, how cute is this little set up?! A pyramid of pumpkins and thrones for the pumpkin queen and king! So adorable! We forgot a tripod and ended up using a small pile of hay to hold up the camera LOL! Not too shabby.

I can't believe October is coming to an end. This month has literally flown by so fast and so much has happened. I haven't had a day off from work or travel and I can't wait to snuggle all day with Cody soon and watch Hocus Pocus. But that will most likely not happen just because were are ALWAYS doing something! 

This weekend is Cody's birthday and I'm trying to figure out what to do for his special day. He's one of those guys that loves spoiling me, but never allows me to do the same for him. He's just the sweetest and deserves the entire world. Follow me on Instagram to see what we decide to do!

Until next time,


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