Time To Catch Up

Time has gone by truly faster than I can blink. It surprises me that it's been over a month since any posting has been done. I find myself always saying this because for one, I'm human and sometimes don't have the energy to do so, and two, I haven't had one day where I've just done nothing in probably the last 4 months.

Now I know none of that is an excuse, but it's all with honesty to say that I have just neglected this part of my life. Someday's motivation for posts come easily, while other days my brain just doesn't even process anything worth writing. I never want to post something just because. I want to post something because it means a lot to me and to you. Although I can continue to use being busy as an excuse, I decided it was time to make this a priority and get back on track, hence the title of "catch up."

  1. I started a new job at the beginning of this month and I'm beyond in love with where I work! For a few weeks prior, I was juggling between my new job and my old job, literally never having a single day off. My body shut down and it never got a chance to catch up. Both jobs are physically demanding, so every chance I get to just chill, I take it.
  2. Racing for Cody is starting to finally wind down. FINALLY! As much as I love racing and that it's his passion, it sometimes just makes life hard. Unless your winning, that is always good. But literally we both would work all week and never see each other until the day of the races. We never had time to do things as a couple. And one of our favorite things to do is travel. Its almost like we never got alone time. Thankfully now, things are getting back on track, but with working Saturdays at the salon, I'm not able to travel as much with him anymore. Again, thankfully the season is winding down with a huge 2 day show this coming weekend at our local track to end it all. Unless he decides to race Tulare, or Bakersfield, or even Vegas! It's never ending lol.
  3. The fair was in town and it is one of my favorite times of the year. Although I pretty much see everyone I went to high school with, I only go just to get the cinnamon rolls. They are worth it!
  4. Cody and I are getting ready to celebrate our anniversary early next month, and we're having issues deciding on what to do! He says Yosemite, and I say Yosemite, Tahoe, SLO or Disneyland. It's a tough decision! I just really want to see California Adventure all decked out for Halloween!
  5. I got eye lash extensions for the first time just the other day. They are a tad bit long for my liking, but they look so good! They are taking some time to get used to, especially when applying makeup, but I love how I can wake up and not have to put on any makeup if I really didn't want to! I wanted to try them out to see if I liked them so I can have them on for a wedding I'm attending next month. We will see how long I can handle them for.
  6. Speaking of eyelash extensions, I'm thinking of getting certified to be a lash tech. Although it's not for sure, it's something I could see myself enjoying and I want to put my cosmetology license to use!
  7. Cody and I took a drive back down to Morro Bay this past weekend. It was such a beautiful day down there, and we got to catch the sunset at our favorite beach with the Morro Rock off in the distance while eating a candy apple. Check out a few of our favorite pics below!

Until next time,


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