My Go To Photo Editing Apps

Would you believe me that prior to finding some amazing Lightroom Presets and teaching myself how to edit RAW images, that I once edited EVERYTHING I posted here on the blog and Instagram with my phone?!? Although ideally it's no longer how I edit photos, I still use a certain few for minor tweaks on images already edited, or for images being posted to my Instagram stories.


I only ever use VSCO Cam for editing pics I snapped with my phone to upload to my Instagram stories. I once used to transfer all of my photos taken on my DSLR to my phone, and then I would edit the photos with VSCO Cam, but it was always so difficult to get the look I wanted. I mostly use the C pack in VSCO Cam because I love the way it makes blues and oranges look. Again, I only ever use it when I'm adding a photo to my Instagram stories and I only mess with the strength of the filter.


Snapseed has always been one of my favorite photo editing apps to ever exist. The possibility to create great images is endless! When I used to edit my images with HDR (back in the day!) I would always use Snapseed for their HDR filter. It was amazing!

The most used function in this app though is the brush tool. I no longer use anything else other than that. You can quickly use it to add exposure to the areas you want to either lighten and darken, and sometimes I will do that to an image I already edited in Lightroom because I forget to do so in there. Also I have used the healing tool before, specifically for this lighthouse image. There was a little girl in the background that was stretching, and I forgot to remove her while in post, so when I sent the image to my phone, I just used the healing tool in Snapseed to remove her. You would have NEVER guessed that she was there!

Lightroom App:

This is no means anything like Adobe Lightroom on your computer, but the Lightroom App carries some of the main editing tools that are similar. I somehow end up always fixing an image just a tad bit after I've already edited it in Lightroom. Sometimes an image will look perfectly fine on my laptop, but once I send it to my phone, it sometimes is too dark. So I'll just ever so slightly increase the exposure and then sometimes even adjust the colors to make it "match my feed". How basic does that sound?!?

I mainly adjust the colors individually as I never want to change all of the colors at the same time. The blues is what I change the most. I try to adjust the hue to be slightly teal, as I will admit I've gone overboard before. I'll also either adjust the luminance or not, depending if I want the blue to be a bit more washed out. The only other color I may ever touch in this app is orange. Now you have to be super careful when you play with the hue and saturation of orange. Mostly this color is found in skintones, so if you go overboard, it can easily look too fake and too saturated. I touch this adjustment more on my laptop, but if it's ever TOO much, I'll bring down the orange's saturation.

Now I know this may all seem like a lot, but I've been asked questions prior on what I use to edit photo's or how I make my photo's look good for Instagram stories. I'm considering either making a Youtube video or just add little snippets to my Instagram stories on how I edit my photos in Adobe Lightroom. It is yet to be decided, but I promise I'll be working on that. For now I hope this has helped those who have asked.

Until next time!


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