Star Gazer + Catching Up

Happy Friday! This week felt like it went by very slow! I'm just thankful it is finally the weekend, and although I'm at work both Saturday and Sunday, I still have some fun things planned to do.

I recently did a collaboration with one of my favorite designers, Freedom Rise! When Becca reached out to me, I was in Disneyland eating my clam chowder and I about dropped my phone in it, that's how excited I was to hear from her. All of her designs are hand drawn! She is extremely talented and watching her work sometimes on her Instagram Stories is so amazing.

Thankful that our cabin has such wanderlust vibes because it was the perfect place to shoot these photos. 

Make sure to check out Freedom Rise by click here! And also be sure to follow her on Instagram. Every shirt she makes is a wanderlusts dream!

Catching Up:

  1. I've been working everyday since last Sunday (July 9th), and my body is beyond exhausted.
  2. I've also come down with a nasty cold and being sick in the summer time is not exactly the best thing in the world.
  3. Currently obsessed with PresetsByMel! All of Mel's edits are gorgeous and I"m so excited to have some inspiration from her. This isn't sponsored, I just love them that much.
  4. My dad's birthday is coming up and were going to the ball game, so that is exciting!
  5. Cody has been racing SO MUCH this past month. He's had some pretty bad luck lately, taking the lead with an epic pass and then having his motor blow. Luckily there are GOOD people out there who are willing to help him. But there are also people out there who are always trying to drag him down, even when he tries to work things out. For some reason its always his fault. I'm thankful he's so calm in every situation and just lets it go. He's the first to always own up to something he did wrong and has earned respect from others to do the same. Although there will always be some people who blame him for many things, he always holds his head high and doesn't take it to heart. Just go out and prove them wrong ;)
  6. My hair has grown to be very long. I literally had no idea how long my hair truly was until a client said something. Ever since then it's been something I've noticed and I think it's about time for a trim.
  7. My Instagram randomly is now growing. Every once in a while, I'll get a shout out from other blogger babes and get a few followers, but recently it's been daily. Maybe because I'm actually caring about what my content looks like! It really is true, post good quality content and have a feed that flows and it attracts you followers!
  8. After our epic bike ride in Santa Monica/Venice, I happened to get really sunburned. I'm still somewhat peeling, but I've been doing Red Light Therapy and it has helped tremendously. 

Well that about rounds up everything! Have a great weekend everyone, and until next time!


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