Our Crazy Road Trip

It's almost Friday you guys! I feel like I am still recovering from our adventure last week and yet another wild adventure is upon us. Here's a little recap of our crazy road trip that took place over the weekend.

First and foremost, my blogging game has been off! I'm hunting to add more time to my schedule, but life sometimes gets overwhelming and work has been extremely busy. 

Our weekend began Saturday with a road trip to the race track in Bakersfield. Cody was racing a big race that day and we were making it into a  little road trip, adding some fun little adventures. We ended up taking another vehicle instead of riding in the truck. About 40 minutes away from our destination, the car began to have issues. It turned out to be one of the coils going bad, and it was a repeat of our Vegas trip all over again! What would happen is that anytime the vehicle went over a certain rpm, it began to shake, BADLY. It was extremely uncomfortable and I couldn't imagine driving around Los Angeles like that for hours!

We ended up calling every car shop to find a part and landed upon one near the race track. Cody whipped out his handy dandy tools and fixed it! As the night ended after a long and humid day at the race track, we gathered ourselves together and stayed the night nearby. We were exhausted! It was over 100 degrees throughout the day and it was one sweaty mess. 

Once we were rested, we made our way towards the Grapevine to begin our adventures at Venice beach. About half way through the Grapevine the vehicle had a loud clunk sound. All Cody said was "The car won't go" meaning he was pressing the gas pedal and it wouldn't go faster than idle speed! Mind you we were on a major highway, in the middle of nowhere, driving on the very side of the freeway! Panic mode went on and we were praying we would make it to the nearest exit. After slowly moving along the highway, we were able to coast down an off ramp and pulled off to the side. Once Cody checked everything out, it came to realization that we could not easily fix this and had to start calling the insurance to help get us where we needed to be. 

The insurance company called and said a tow truck would be arriving within an hour or so. So we sat and waited. Mind you we had no shade to sit under, the car was running low with gas and the air conditioning was not even cold, and it was 105 degrees where we were! About an hour goes by and we get the call that no tow truck would be available to pick us up and that it'd now be estimated to get to us in about 3 to 5 hours....... We had no food, one bottle of water, no restroom and were dripping sweat from the heat. We called at least 5 towing companies until a kind gentlemen offered to use his own flat bed to come get us. 30 minutes later, he arrived! I never felt so happy to see a tow truck before LOL!

We agreed after trying to figure out where to park the car at until we can find a tow back home, that he would take it back to his towing yard. We met his wife in Valencia who was kind enough to take us to the Burbank airport as we had our insurance set up a rental car. Let me remind you that everything happened around 11:30, and by the time we finally found the rental car company, it was almost 6 pm. We were so tired that we ate some food and headed to a hotel to rest.

The next day we spent our time in Disneyland! It was very hot at the parks, but we didn't let that stop us from having fun.

We rode a few rides and mostly tried to keep cool but Cody and I felt like such kids, running around and laughing! After what seemed to be the worst weekend turned to be so fun once we got to our destination.

The next day, which was Tuesday, Cody and I woke up around 5 in the morning to get ourselves on the road. We ended up at Venice beach pretty early and enjoyed how nice and warm it was at the beach. Once it got around 9:30, we decided to rent bikes to ride the bike path. 

I highly recommend riding a bike, scooter, skateboard or anything along this bike path! I literally couldn't stop smiling. We were having the best of times and so was everyone else! I kept telling Cody that I would move down here just to do this everyday. 

After riding roughly 12 miles, we headed out of town to go to the towing yard. Once we got there, Cody tried everything to restart our car so we could at least get it closer to where we were dropping off our rental car. About less than 3 minutes of driving down the Grapevine, the engine in the car shut off. I was following him in the rental car with him of speaker phone. He wouldn't tell me what had happened but said he had to pull over. Luckily it was all down hill so he was able to coast. We pulled off immediately at the nearest exit. Turns out that not only had the engine shut off, but he lost all power breaking and power steering! Oh my goodness, what else could possibly go wrong?!? We ended up parking it at the nearest parking lot, hopped in the rental car and drove to Bakersfield to return the rental car. Once we got picked up, we went back towards the Grapevine, picked up the car and headed back home.

This had to have been the craziest road trip EVER. I'm so thankful that Cody is such a calm person. If this was with anyone else, I would have been in full melt down mode. Luckily we did our best with staying calm and got everything figured out, even if it felt like we were going to be stranded first at the side of the road, second at the airport. Other than our car breakdown, we made the best of our time together and have this to look back out over the years to come.

Until our next adventure!



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