Life At The Track

Life at the track has changed drastically over the years. In the past, you've seen me discuss the races very briefly. So now I thought it would be a fun experience to open up more of what it's like for Cody and I and how much we truly live, eat and sleep dirt. 

I was introduced to dirt track racing when I was 16/17 years old. That was pretty much a decade ago, WOW! Back at that age, it was mostly spent hanging with my high school boyfriend and friends, laughing and being our young, teenage selves. The older I got, the more and more I fell in love with this sport and allowed it to become apart of my life.

It wasn't until I started dating Cody that I realized how much this has become a huge part of not only his life, but mine as well. He's been racing longer than I've been going out there and currently races a modified. We always joke and say how his car looks like Tow Mater from Cars, because it's rusty and very lumpy. But again, its not what the car looks like that matters, its whats underneath it, or in this case, whose driving it ha! You can say he budgets his car and tries to do everything not as expensive as some of the other competitors may do, only because money just doesn't grow on trees. But for what he has, he's pretty dang good I must say so myself. 

Race season starts from March/April and goes on until October or even November for some. We're at our local track almost every Friday, following with some weekends having to drive either down south or up north for a Saturday race. Cody not only races for points for our local track, he's also racing for points in an All Star Tour Series for the modified's and also for state points too! I literally live out of my suitcase. Work during the week, race Friday, Saturday, work Sunday mornings and repeat. I literally had no idea life could be this hectic! But if it's something he loves doing, I will always be supportive no matter what.

I'm not one to usually mingle at the track as I'm SUPER shy, surprise surprise, but I have met some pretty great people out there. Not everyone may get along, but I'm the type of person who wants everyone to like one another lol, which I know is highly impossible. Especially when you through in egos and sports together. I must condemn Cody for always being respectful and keeping his cool. In my past, no matter what type of sport it was, I've always seen those types of people who will get upset at themselves, others, or over a situation that has happened and show poor sportsmanship. It's like that person is not the same person as they are when they are all hot and bothered. But Cody is calm, sometimes too calm. I even get a little flustered, but only when someone screams and yells at his face lol. I will never put myself in those situations though as I'm not the one driving. Something may appear a certain way to one person over another, but no one will exactly know unless it was them sitting in that car. One time Cody had me try iRacing a modified and I could barely keep the steering wheel steady! It was literally the hardest thing to do and I give props for the guys and girls who can race like a badass out on those tracks, because I'd be that one person hitting everything lol!

I honestly wouldn't trade this life for anything else. It's a family event everywhere we go, as Cody's brother races too. Friends come out and we eat and laugh and cheer them on. When they don't have a good night, we just say oh well and move on! This past Friday we had a super cute visitor hanging out in our trailer. General the boxer! He's insta famous I'd say lol! He knew exactly how to pose for the camera too.

Hope you have enjoyed this first post in this series as I've had people ask more and more about it. I do post Instagram Stories while we are at the track, so make sure to stay alert for those. But along with other blog posts, racing will be incorporated as well as it is my life and when I'm not at work, we're at the track.

Until next time,

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