Mothers Day Gift Guide + Catching Up

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to start your shopping for your amazing mom! I've selected a few of my favorite things along with a little weekly catch up.

The picture above is actually a photo of my mom and I back in the day at Disneyland. She is the reason I have obsession with the parks! 

This adorable succulent is for sure going to grab your moms attention. It's even cuter with that saying "Home is where your mom is."

You can find this cute gift over at Francesca's if you click here. Did I mention it's only $12?!

Another cute find over at Francesca's is this cute coffee mug! What mom doesn't enjoy coffee in the mornings?!?

Their quality of mugs are AMAZING and this one will only cost you $16! Click here to shop.

I know one thing for sure, my mom loves wearing bracelets. This cute one is from The Shine Project. I love everything about this online store and their mission to provide jobs to the youth who actually hand make all of their pieces. 

This adorable bracelet with "mom" engraved ranges from $22 to $30. You can personalize any items that they have. Shop this bracelet here.

Scalloped anything is so in for this spring/summer season! Its an adorable trend and I absolutely love it for handbags!

Any mom needs a good tote to take around town! Knowing my mom, she would stash her entire wardrobe in here so she can!

You can find this over at Nordstrom's here for only $49!

Funny thing is, I've actually purchased this Fitbit for my mom for her Christmas present because she was dropping major hints that she would REALLY love one. If your mom loves to go for walks, this is perfect for her. I don't think my mom ever takes it off!

You can also find this at Nordstrom's here for $149.00, because your mom is worth the splurge.

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Let's catch up, shall we!

It truly feels like its been ages since I have last posted a blog, yet it was really only last week.

1. Work has picked up and I'm working more shifts, meaning longer days/nights being a little busy bee.
2. California is loving this confusing weather. Going from rain, to cold, to scorching hot, then it's supposed to rain again this weekend?!? Can we just choose a happy medium and call it a day mother nature?!
3. My allergies are a nightmare. I repeat. A NIGHTMARE. Because of this weather change, there are days where I feel like I can't hear a single thing! I feel so bad for my clients when I say "Can you repeat that again?"
4. Cody's racing has officially kicked off. Meaning every weekend we are racing at our home track on Friday nights, and some weekends (like this one up and coming) we will also be racing on Saturdays around California. Literally living out of a suitcase right now.
5. I'm having major photo editing issues. Meaning I can't find a style I like and stick with it! I'm a perfectionist and I'm my toughest critic. I'm trying to find a style that will make my Instagram feed stand out and not feel so cold. The struggle is for sure real.
6. I'm trying to stick to a workout regime and work out at least 3-4 times a week. Remember when I worked out pretty much every day?! Yeah. Me too. My muscles were on point then!

Until next time!

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