Always on the go

Life has been non stop this past month, and it's only going to be getting more crazy. Sometimes things happen in your life that make you realize that life is truly too precious.

I'm one to always say "live your life to the fullest." It is something I remind myself on a daily basis. It's easy to allow things to consume your life, making you feel overwhelmed and drained. I have these moments a little too often. And as I get older, I start getting down on myself for not being where I want to be in life just yet. I allow those emotions to change every aspect of my life.

This past weekend was tragic. Everything in the past week was just extremely hectic. I was super busy with work and got down on myself for not putting any focus on my blog or social media. So down on myself that I felt like giving up. I know it takes a lot of work to even go somewhere, and to know I wasn't providing content was rough on me. Then the weekend came and everything just stopped. Cody's uncle passed away suddenly and everything felt like it was falling apart. I've been through tragic times myself, but never witnessed it with someone I care about. My heart just broke for him. I had to put my emotions behind me and be that rock for him. It just seemed like his family has been going through so much recently. I literally put everything to a stop through this time. I appreciate everyone's love and support. You have no idea how much it means to not only me, but to him as well. 

Everything happened Friday during the day, and Cody was to be racing that night at Ocean Speedway (our local dirt track). With so many emotions, we decided it was the right thing to do to go racing in honor of his uncle. That whole day just felt off. As the race for the modifieds were going, the more emotional it was getting as Cody was driving his butt off to take that checkered flag. Last few laps he finally got around the leader and took the win home. I was so proud of him as I know how tough it is to control all of those feelings while racing.

(Photo Credits: TDS Shots)

I just want to say I'm so proud of you Cody! 

Saturday we had already planned on adventuring out to Big Sur and decided to still take this drive after a rough few hours. It was great to clear our minds and just escape from reality.

You can't venture very far (only 26 miles) since they took down one of the bridges, and now there's even more road closures currently happening on Highway 1 due to a mud slide. This cute little place was the furthermost place you can get to and side note, if your planning on visiting Big Sur, all the state parks are currently closed.

I've always wanted to stop here because of how cute this bus was! Low and behold, it's a little store that sells ice cream from Marianne's, which is a popular ice cream joint that is originally from Santa Cruz. It sits behind a mini gas station that is directly next to the River Inn, which is on my list to check out more next time were down there. They had a cute deck alongside the river with a burrito bar and margaritas! Count me in! You can also set up a cute picnic and just enjoy the scenery. Cody and I both got ice cream, he chose strawberry and I got the oh so delicious cookies and creme. Once we stuffed our faces, we drove back up the coast just before Carmel and pulled over. We sat in the back of the truck and had a mini picnic overlooking the ocean. It was beyond peaceful. 

(Our view while enjoying our picnic)

I know my posts have been all over the place, mainly focusing on my life and travels, and that's okay. I always want to be able to express myself and focus on lifestyle and travel rather than just strictly fashion, because that is not me in real life. I will include bits of pieces of beauty and fashion, but I'm a free spirit just wanting to share life's greatest adventures. It truly sets my soul on fire and so many of my inspirations comes from seeing other great travel girls on Instagram like gypsea_lust and reneeroaming. I aspire to be that one day.

But for now:
I'm considering posting more of my travels which include the places I visit for racing. Cody's racing life is crazy and we are literally somewhere every weekend. I have some ideas for posts and have found doing a mini Instagram story on race days is a fun way to share this sport with others! I'll recap it all in a blog post but make sure to follow me on Instagram for those fun stories.

I've been working a lot, mostly nights and weekends, and am trying to find a balance between everything. I sometimes feel like I don't have a life because on the one or two days I have away from work, I'm traveling with the racing series, making it feel like I'm never home with family or friends. If you have any time management skills or organizational ideas, please let me know! I could really use some good tips right now.

Until next time.

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