Getaway to Yosemite

Happy Tuesday loves! Over the weekend, Cody and I had a mini getaway to our favorite place, Yosemite National Park. I use to travel here a lot with my family when I was younger, but I never cherished the beauty of nature then. Cody and I's first trip here was back in October of 2016, and ever since then, we try to visit as often as we can since we have a season pass.

We started our venture around 6 a.m to make it to the parks before the crowds showed up! We always pick places to travel to when it seems to be the busiest. Also I didn't realize spring break was happening so early!

We are still trying to figure out our new camera and lens we got and struggled with dealing with direct sunlight the majority of the day, so the above pictures were taken with my iPhone 7 Plus. Not too shabby Apple!

We didn't plan on hiking this trip as we were just wanting to enjoy the scenery and were hoping to see some snow. We tried going to Yosemite back in February to play in the snow, but ended up only getting to the entrance before having to turn around because there was TOO much snow. This time, it was mostly melted, but you could see snow here and there on the peaks of the mountains. Also Glacier Point (our favorite picture spot) was closed due to the storms we had last month. Sadly it won't open back up until May or June.

We were amazed with how much water was coming out of every single waterfall! We sat here listening to Yosemite falls and were just amazed by its beauty. Some people hiking towards it even had umbrellas with them. 

After our long 8 hour day, we headed back home as we were exhausted and drained from the early excursion we had. Next time we hope to catch the sunset and some great golden hour pictures.

Sadly the ending to our weekend wasn't so great. Cody's dad ended up having a heart attack and is currently undergoing a triple bypass surgery. Seeing someone you care about suffer is truly heart breaking and we are praying every chance we can. It's been a rough couple of hours and I'm supposed to be getting myself ready for another getaway, this time with my family, but am finding it hard to put a smile on my face through this time. I just know I've got to be strong for Cody. He's my rock when things crumble down in my life and I'd always want to be the same for him, especially since he's happy 24/7. Keep him and his family in your prayers.

Until next time.

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