How I Edit Instagram Photo's

Happy Monday! It's a beautiful 80 degrees here in Northern California and my mom and I spent the day lounging at the beach. It was quite relaxing and possibly one of my new favorite things to do! While I was out there, I was thinking of a post to do today and always come back to this topic, picture editing.

I've been asked numerous times how I get my pictures to look the way they are. Also a ton of compliments about the scenery I always choose to shoot around. First I always have a specific image in my head that I try to portray in real life. A great way to find inspiration for posing or just photography photo's in general is looking through Instagram or even Pinterest. I've found a ton of concepts thanks to Instagram and all the talented people that are out there. Though, my image will never be exactly the same, I try to portray little pieces of something I may have seen.

How I edit my Instagram photos on my iPhone:

I edit on my iPhone when I am no where near a computer (ex: Disneyland). This way I can quickly edit my photo to post to Instagram.

The main editing apps I use are:

PS Express

All 4 apps have their different reasoning for why I use them. VSCO Cam offers filters I really love that I can easily edit. Snapseed allows me to select certain parts of my image to brighten or darken, which I love! Afterlight I will use if I have a sun glare and want to bring that out more. PS Express I only use for smoothing out photos if needed.

Another tip: Find a color scheme you like and stick with it! This means if you like your photos to have a pink tint, keep that going! I for one love the way orange looks on photos. I try to go with old film looks but yet keep it original at the same time. Not all my filters on my photos are the same. I sometimes edit my raw photos taken with my DSLR in Lightroom and have been loving Sawyer Hartman's preset filters! That's a whole other post that I can eventually get into more detail about hopefully soon.

Below are some before and after of photos taken with my iPhone 7 Plus:

Also another tip: Try to take photos within your color scheme. I find when I'm in a super green scenery, I have a hard time trying to edit that photo the way I would normally do because there's so much GREEN. I try to aim with more brown, blue's and browns in my photos.

The filter's I use in VSCO Cam are in the C series. Sometimes I alternate between C7 and C8, depending on the photo as C7 makes it really warm and C8 makes the photo more cooler.

I've been recently editing more and more in Lightroom. This is allowing me to take my raw photo's off of my DSLR and altering the way lighting looks in a photo. You can't do this if you are shooting in a JPEG format. 

Here's a before and after:

I use Sawyer Hartman's preset pack and this photo above was with the 35mm Film Look preset.

Literally you can do anything in Lightroom. It just takes a lot of time and a lot of practice. If your interested in a more in depth how to with Lightroom, let me know!

Until next time.

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