Vitamin C Serum: A Skin Care Review

Happy Thursday loves! Hope this week is going great for you better than it has for me. Dealing with a sinus cold since December and having some symptoms of vertigo, not fun! But that won't stop me from getting work done. 

So a few months ago a company called Lose A Pound Daily reached out to me to see if I was interested in trying out a new Vitamin C Face Serum they just recently launched. For one I'm familiar with skin care thanks to good old beauty school and I've been avid about my skin care routine since 7th grade. So of course I agreed to this! I always heard serums were great for your skin, especially one that has Vitamin C and has anti aging peptides?! Hello but since turning 25, my skin HAS changed, drastically.

Here's a little behind the scenes for you about my skin. For all of my teen years and early EARLY 20's, I had very OILY skin. Like I'd look shiny and greasy within 30 minutes. I had to use matte foundations and skin care products designed for oily skin girls. Lately my skin has been more combination, meaning I'm dry pretty much everywhere other than my T-Zone.

Back to the skin care review! I've been using the Vitamin C Serum since early December and have been loving this product so much! I use it twice a day and have noticed a huge difference in my skins texture. My makeup also looks a lot more flawless as well!

My skin is also very sensitive, and I usually allow myself a good 2 to 3 weeks of daily testing to see if I have any reaction or abnormal breakouts. I'd have to say this product passes with flying colors! I haven't seen any breakouts like I have in the past with other products and that could be because my skin doesn't handle well with products that have a strong fragrances to them. I have to say this product has NO scent at all, which is an A+.

I've noticed since I've been applying this Vitamin C Serum, that my fine lines that I had (mainly laugh lines) have vanished! Something that I've always struggled with thanks to constantly smiling or laughing.

You can find this product here.

I want to say thank you to Lose A Pound Daily for sending me this product to review. I'm a huge fan and will continue using this as apart of my skin care routine!

Until next time!

Xo Jessica

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