Hello 2017!

Happy New Year! I can't believe its the year 2017! Time truly flies by, and sooner than we think it will be the year 3000 and that Jonas Brother tune will still be rocking in our heads. Nostalgic moment there!

As I woke up today on this New Years day, I couldn't help but think how many dreams there are that I want to achieve.

 2016 is long gone and I definitely experienced some struggles within my own self. I quit my job in the beginning of the year and decided it was my time to do something that makes me happy. That is when I started my blog page. I experienced heart break and trust and loyalty being broken. I was back stabbed by someone who was in my life because of my past relationship. I was being turned into something I was not. To be judged by someone I respected got to me. Lets just say THAT person was the person who made me realize it was time to stop allowing others to control my life and time for myself to make my own destiny. I allowed that person to bring unhappiness to not only my life, but to my families as well. So thank you for opening my eyes to this blind world that made me to want to make a change not only to myself, but to this world.

A resolution to myself for the New Year. To stop dwelling on the past. I need to stop taking one step forward and two steps back. 

I know resolutions are sometimes never achieved, as we allow ourselves to make excuses. Its time to stop. You are only given one life to live. Life is so precious that you just never know when your last breath may be. To me this is my motivation to make everyday better than the last.

A huge thing I'm wanting to accomplish this year is travel. Last year I traveled more than I ever have in my life! But I want to do so even more this year! Whether that's traveling in only California, or exploring other states and someday countries! To me when I travel, it allows me to see this world in a whole different way. Only real life experiences can make for great learning experiences.

For my blog and social media, I want to hold my self accountable and keep expressing my creativity through writing, photography and film! You'll be seeing not only things about fashion, but also about travel and real life moments.

I'm so thankful for everyone. You are all so supportive through this creative experience and I want to continue to share my visions with you all. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have that will and drive to continue day in and day out to be creative. Yes days will be a struggle, but that's the only way it will allow us to grow. I've been fortunate enough to be able to collaborate with amazing companies and I strive to do more so in the coming year.

I am the writer of my own story and the creator of my dreams. You can only make things happen if you put your mind to it.

So here's to chasing our dreams all you wanderlusters!



P.S: This year already started off right. I was given a lottery scratcher for the holidays and I ended up winning $100! 

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