Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Boss

Happy Thursday! It's been a hot minute since I've blogged or even posted SOMETHING on social media. Do you ever feel so defeated that sometimes you want to do absolutely nothing? Well that's been me and with the flu going around and allergies acting haywire, I've been glued to my bed trying to get myself 100% because BIG things are coming soon.

Jean Jacket - Forever 21 | Jeggings - American Eagle | Old Skool Vans - Vans | Sunglasses - Ray Bans | Hoodie - Forever 21

"Act like a lady, think like a boss..."

This is my mentality from here on out! I've somewhat reorganized my life and my closet, and my style has changed DRASTICALLY. I can't even begin to tell you how much I dislike wearing jeans. Which has become so strange to me because I used to wear those every time I left my house. My current obsession and go to look is the jean jacket with black jeggings. You can literally style this however you want! I've styled it down by adding my favorite (but sometimes uncomfortable) Vans and I've styled it up by wearing my black over the knee boots.

I'm on the hunt for more jean jackets as I'm obsessed. Currently checking out Forever 21's site for inspiration.. Let me know what your favorite store is to shop at! I'm always on the hunt for some good finds.

Life update:
Since I've been so M.I.A due to not feeling good at all, I'm now pushing myself to stay on track...AGAIN! My birthday is literally 11 days away and I have some exciting plans coming up. I'm working hard to redo my YouTube channel so I can get things back to where it really should be. Also will be checking out some new camera gear as I'm just stuck with what I currently have (meaning it's time for a full frame camera.) Juggling social media and work can sometimes be overwhelming, but I am so ready for my birthday week to begin! Vacay time!!

Until next time.

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