Winter Floral Maxi

Who says you can't wear floral dresses in the winter?!?

 Thanks to Shabby Apple, they recently sent me this adorable floral maxi dress that just gave me major winter vibes. I must say I've been really enjoying trying new things recently, and that includes new items in my wardrobe that I never pictured myself wearing. I'm beginning to feel somewhat like a fashionista as I've been brave enough to step out of my comfort zone. This dress is truly perfect for any event, and the colors makes it wearable all year round! I've never ever been a dress girl, but I do keep them in my closet for any photo shoots, events or parties I may attend.

I must say, this dress literally fit like a glove. The material is super soft and as someone who isn't the tallest girl in the world, it fit perfectly in length! That is always one thing that would steer me away from maxi dresses. I'm 5'5" and most of the time maxi dresses usually drag on the ground. When I first tried on the dress, I was pleased to know that I could walk around without stepping on my dress because knowing me, that would happen constantly and I probably would end up on my face!

I'm so thankful for the opportunity given by Shabby Apple. They have such great classic pieces on their site that can be worn in many scenarios. That's the best thing about this maxi dress. You can dress it up and wear it to a holiday party, or dress it more casual and wear this out while shopping or being your cute chic self.

Make sure to check out there site here! Thank you Shabby Apple for sponsoring this post. 



*Please know all opinions are all my own and I would never agree to something unless I truly enjoyed it myself.


  1. Beautiful dress! I love it for winter!


  2. This dress is gorgeous! It looks so beautiful on you and perfect for all seasons!
    xo Debbie |