My Ugly Christmas Sweater

In honor of National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, you know I had to bust mine out for a festive photo shoot!

Now its Friday night and there's no better way to spend it then busting out some Christmas lights and pretending your the Christmas tree! 

The "ugly" sweater (I think its rather cute) was found at Forever 21. I seriously can't get enough of that store! Now their stock is slim picking online, but they carry multiple types of Christmas sweaters in the store and only cost about $22! I was looking for one that was a light up sweater, but those seem to be flying off the shelves. So I settled for this extremely cozy snowman sweater with puff balls. You know I'll be wearing this up in Tahoe soon!

Enjoy and can't wait to see you all rock your Ugly Christmas Sweaters!


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