I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their loved ones. Time has truly flown by. Sooner than we know, it will be a New Year.

I must admit, it was quite nice taking a week long break from the blog and a few days away from social media. My past week or so was busy with work and last minute holiday shopping (because I always wait till the end...). That schedule left me exhausted and drained by the end of the night and having to repeat and do it all over the next day left me wanting to hibernate for a year already. I've never felt so drained in my entire life! My eyes began to feel sleepy around 8 pm. 

As Christmas can be very stressful with trying to figure out gift ideas for loved ones, it became rather easy this year as the adults kept it extremely simple and made it more about the kids. The older I get, the more I rather spend time with loved ones than shower one another with gifts, crossing our fingers they'd like it. Buying gifts for the kiddos came like a breeze! My niece and nephew both needed some new clothes and that was easy. I showered my parents with love and provided them with a "date night" to a nice restaurant on the beach. They do so much for me that I honestly wish I could do more, but I know they were grateful.

One gift I am super excited about is my Fujifilm Instax Mini I received! You should've seen me in Michael's the other day. I think I spent about 10 minutes looking at the Polaroid camera and deciding if  I should buy it for myself or move on. Well, I decided to move right along and was maybe going to purchase it sometime next year. I was so ecstatic to receive it as a gift from somebody I love. I can't wait to take it with me on road trips and have instant pictures to forever hold a memory.

This year is almost over. Today is the last Tuesday of 2016...EVER! At the beginning of this month I began suffering majorly from anxiety and some form of depression. I can't explain why or how it happened. My mind just plays tricks on me and I started to really dislike the holidays...when it was once my favorite season ever. I'm really ready for the New Year and excited for what it holds for my future. December is usually a rough month for my family as many passing's of loved ones have happened, and just recently our family dog who was 15 years old was laid to rest. It just took the spirit right out of me. These feelings I've experienced kept me from wanting to go out and enjoy life. 

I always want to keep the blog and all forms of social media positive, but sometimes its a challenge when I have so much going on in my life.

I'm extremely thankful for my loved ones supporting me through my many ups and downs this year. I'm thankful for all of you. If it wasn't for your kind words, this blog would not being where it is today. Because of you I have been given so many amazing opportunities. I've met so many amazing bloggers that live across the U.S and who support me through everything. I really don't know where I'd be without my Style Collective sisters.

I hope everyone has a great New Year. Stay tuned for many new posts and vlogs over at my YouTube channel here. I'll be uploading our Christmas Special tonight.

Until next time.


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