How I Keep A Bright Smile

Recently I've been asked numerous times how I have such white teeth. Clients have been asking me how so they can try and also my friends and family too! 

First things first, it really is all about your dental hygiene.

Growing up I didn't care for brushing my teeth twice a day AND then flossing. My teeth were pretty yellow and the older I got, the more bothered I was by this. I have never been to my dentist for a teeth whitening treatment. It's just too expensive and insurance does not cover that!

My go to for teeth whitening at home is Crest 3D Whitestrips:

Now I know these things are expensive, but they are worth it! I usually purchase a box similar to this that has either 14 or 20 strips and you would generally leave them on for 30 minutes. I've tried other ones that you could leave on for longer, but never noticed a difference. I tend to whiten my teeth at least once a year, depending on if I drink or eat things that can stain your teeth. I also can't whiten them every single day like the package recommends because of how sensitive my gums become. So I usually space them out and still see great results.

I was once a red wine lover. Until my teeth were slowly going from white to not so white. I've stopped drinking red wine! I'm not much of a drinker anyway.

I'm also a coffee lover. I can not start my day without coffee. Usually at home I drink decaf from Folgers, but every once in a while will spoil myself with Starbucks. Even with my daily coffee drinking, my teeth still stay pretty dang white. I think a lot to do with it is also my toothpaste. I promise this post is not sponsored! It's just the products I've been using for the last 5 years!

I stick with using Crest 3D white toothpaste and found that it really does work! 

Some other good tips and tricks are lipstick! I've been wearing lipstick pretty much every time I step out with makeup on and it really does make you have a whiter smile. Some lipsticks with a blue undertone can also help majorly with this. Another thing is a good golden tan. Since California doesn't know what fall is, the weather so far has been pretty warm and I've carefully got some good color from the sun. I've noticed being tan has enhanced how white my teeth are. Just when I thought my teeth were not looking as bright and white as I'd like, the moment I had a golden glow was the moment so many of my clients, friends and family have started asking me questions about my teeth! Even some clients have joked that they have to wear sunglasses because my teeth are blinding! This caused for some good laughs at work.

So I hope this has helped answer some questions! I'm curious if anyone has tried these products or have one that they swear by. I'm up to trying different things!

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