10 Theme Park Essentials

Guess where I'm headed to this week? Bet you can't tell by the hints in this photo...lol!

I'm heading to.....dun dun dun....Disneyland! Woohoo!

It's been a few months since my last visit and I've gone ahead and renewed my annual pass so I can enjoy yet another year at the happiest place on earth!

I consider myself a Disneyland expert and have learned what your must have essentials are to get you through a visit at any theme park!

1. The number one thing on my list is a portable phone charger. I honestly don't even know why I never considered one years ago. I would have to take breaks throughout my day to go back to the hotel to charge my phone. You can find inexpensive ones from eBay, which is actually where I purchased mine from. Click here or search on eBay or Amazon for a portable charger.

2. My next must have essential is a backpack. You can carry everything in this! Whether its your camera, your phone, your charger, makeup, sweater and more! Sometimes if I'm with someone who is carrying a backpack, I will bring along my cute Disney inspired Dooney & Burke "satchel". It doesn't carry much but I can at least fit my iPhone 7 plus and chap stick in there.

3. Also always with me is band aids. I get blisters all the time if I'm not wearing comfortable shoes and find having band aids on hand will be a major life saver.

4. Your camera! Yes you can capture moments on your phone, but the quality of an actual camera is AMAZING! I can't go to a theme park without my vlogging camera (here) and my DSLR (here). They are both WiFi capable which makes sending photos to your phone easy!

5. This essential may sound silly, but it's a must for me....a hair brush! Yes, a hair brush! If your a girl and have long hair, this is a must. I don't have my hair up in a pony tail at all times, so being able to untangle your hair after a crazy ride is worth adding one to your bag.

6. Water! Purchasing water inside parks is always expensive. Bringing in your own in a reusable container will save you some cash as you can refill your bottle throughout the day. At Disneyland, some quick service restaurants have water jugs for this reason and its free to fill up!

7. A jacket! You just never know what the weather is going to be like, especially now during winter time and it can get quite chilly at night.

8. Your sunglasses - can't live without these! Try not to wear your expensive ones because items like these can easily get lost and are pretty much impossible to get back.

9. Snacks! This saves me because I snack a lot! Buying snacks at the park is not bad, but sometimes your in a scenario where your not able to go get something quick to eat or the line is extremely long. This will hold you over until you sit down for a larger meal.

10. Last but not least is your theme park apparel! For me, that'd be my Minnie Mouse ears!

Stay tuned for more things about my trip. I'll be vlogging while I'm there for vlogmas (a vlogging tradition on YouTube) so make sure to check that channel out here.

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