Left my heart in Yosemite

It's been a while since I visited Yosemite. I think the last time was when I was in high school around 2007. I could barely remember what it was like, and back then I didn't appreciate how breathtaking it truly was.

We took a quick road trip this past weekend to adventure and explore the beautiful Yosemite. Funny thing is I packed for cold, fall weather, as the weather app on the iPhone stated it was only going to be 59 degrees on Sunday. As we arrived, turns out the weather app was WAY off and it was more like 78 degrees...oops!

Other than the warm weather, the skies couldn't have been more clearer. I didn't want to leave and wanted to pitch a tent somewhere and stay forever. Everywhere you turned there was an amazing view. 

Yosemite valley is seriously picture perfect, as shown above. Someday in the future we will ride bikes through the paths they have.

On our way out of the park we pulled over to capture some calendar worthy photos. We ended up sitting there, just taking in the view.

Then we ended up driving about an hour or so to Glacier Point to catch the sunset. It was amazing how fast that it happened, and next thing you know the sky is a gorgeous pink.

The sun was completely down at this point and we knocked the ISO up on the camera to capture this photo. 

Make sure to check out my travel diary on my YouTube channel that will be posted.

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