You Must Visit Kirby Cove

If your a hard core Pinterester (is that even a word?!?) then there's a chance you probably have seen tons of pictures that look like mine above!

This location in San Francisco has been on my bucket list for a long time! Usually I don't go to the city very often, and if anything, only for a short period of time. Locals will understand it takes you FOREVER to even navigate from one end of San Francisco to the other. 

I finally planned a fun filled day full of adventures to only really getting to two locations, but so glad this was my main visit! It's right on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. It's a popular hill for all tourist as it gives you a wonderful skyline view of the bridge along with the city for that memorable photo.

Of course the time we went was on a weekend and even better, a holiday weekend! (Sarcasm..) We drove up the hill quite a ways to find parking and ended up walking down to the trails entrance. It's called Kirby Cove and there is a sign by a white gate stating the trail and the campground (which is now on my bucket list!).

The walk was beyond beautiful, and mind you all down hill. I was totally dreading the walk back up though. You start winding into the forest, along side the campground, then BAM! You have arrived to the beach.

The beach itself is breathtaking! I could honestly stay there forever. The sand is replaced by rocks and a tree holds a pretty popular swing. When we first arrived, there was a line. Yes, a line, to get on a swing and take some pictures for Instagram. It sort of made me laugh how many people were there to achieve an Instagram worthy pic like myself. 

If your short like me, then you will have a hard time even getting on the swing in the first place. Once on, be super careful as my jeans were making me slide all over and I was so nervous I would fall in front of people. But thank goodness that didn't happen and I got my pictures!

I would probably recommend visiting during the week, and if so, early on the weekends as I'm sure it's less crowded then when I finally arrived, which was around sunset. Also expect to get in a workout just walking back up the hill, I can definitely feel it in my calves! Another good idea is to bring with you some water and prepare for some high winds. I felt like I could've blown over a few times.


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