Crazy for Olive

Dear fall, did you forget that it's supposed to be the cold and cozy season? Cause I'm pretty sure it's been in the 90's the past few days and I can't enjoy my sweaters and boots....

No but seriously, what happened?!?

So since it's pretty much October and yet it still feels like summer, the only way to add fall into our wardrobe is by the colors we choose to wear.

I've been obsessing over the color olive for quite some time now and found this cute dress from Forever 21. I'm the first to admit that I am not a dress kind of gal, but I rather not die from overheating and found the fit and length of this dress allowed my mind to relax. 

The top photo I just paired with a pair of brown boots. This photo to the right I had on a pair of white converse (but I accidentally cropped them out...oops!)

This would've been a super cute pic if my eyes were open! Oh Jessica. I think I was twirling at this moment...But anyways! 

For some reason this dress isn't listed online but I actually purchased this from the store, so I'm guessing it's a hit or miss.

Online you can find similar fits & color here, here, and here.

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