A Fresh Start

It's no secret that I am the most indecisive human being to ever walk this planet. Just ask anyone close to me and they will gladly agree with you! I can never make up my mind on food, clothes, or just really anything.

I've been absent from the blog for some time. Some day's its just hard coming up with content to create and post. I don't want to sound robotic. I've always been a creative person and expressing myself in some sort of way is always a must, otherwise I feel trapped. I just struggle with posting things that make me proud. It's so true, you really are your toughest critic. Others may seem to think it's the most amazing thing in the world, but through my eyes it may not be that way.

I've struggled with this as well on my YouTube channel. I'm such a perfectionist that it can get in the way of wanting to post anything. The way I see things in my crazy head sometimes doesn't transmit into the work I create and it just ends up discouraging me. 

Taking a break from both the blog and YouTube have really helped me slow my roll and realize that I can do anything, whether people like it or not. As long as I continue to put my mind to it, I can conquer anything thrown at me. I also took on a part time job so managing my time has also been a struggle.

Hence the reason of the title "A Fresh Start", I'm always the one that has to have the newest things. For example, anything new in the technology world, I must get my hands on it! I've always been this way and some may not understand, but others can relate as well. It was time that this blog needed a makeover! I started this blog not knowing where it could take me. The blog may change in the future with new layouts and visions I get in my head, but for now I am pretty pleased with how grown up it now looks.

I tried to keep it the same layout as a normal blog, but someday I may be tempted for it to actually look like a website. For now I'm pleased with the outcome and hope this too will help freshen your mind. I always want to provide the best content to my viewers. First impression is always key and truly believe with how the page looks it will hopefully grasps more eyes!

Thank you to those for always supporting me. I see it everyday on Instagram and Twitter. I'm truly appreciative and thankful. Without you I would not be able to do what I love.

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