My New Adventure as a Fitness Health Coach

I'm so excited to be apart of the Fit Boss Squad with Team Beach Body! I never really explained why I took on another "job" on my Instagram because I already wrote a book and it chased off a few people! Oops! I guess posting more and building my brand, some people just don't seem to understand and are dropping like flies. Too bad they initiated the following of my account, but that's another story and if your interested on how to make some cash on Instagram and building your brand, let me know and I can do a write up.

Back to my point!

I follow a ton of fitness pages on Instagram (I follow a lot of pages that inspire me, lets be real...) and some are all about food, workouts or the individuals like BuffBunny or EmilySkyFit. I was just doing my normal scrolling and saw one of the pages looking for motivated women who want to help others. Uh me! Over here! I seriously had no hesitation of this and acted fast. Pretty soon I got an email from a girl named Emily Kearby, inviting me into a Facebook group she created. Over the next 3 days I instantly bonded with this girl and so did over 100 other people. The way she talked was so inspiring and she was always happy with a smile on her face. She's also a Disney lover so instant bff there. 

Turns out shes a coach for Team Beach body and created her own business through them called the Fit Boss Squad. There are so many girls apart of this group from all over the U.S, providing inspiration and passions all online! After talking with Emily I was picked to become a coach and I seriously had the biggest smile on my face. I already loved fitness. I didn't have a crazy body transformation as I was petite my entire life. In fact, i actually struggled gaining weight. My metabolism was so high, I could EAT ANYTHING, and I can't tell you how many times my dad warned me it was going to catch up...well luckily it didn't but it was affecting my moods and I lacked energy.

I've always worked out on my own. I know in the past I've talked on here about Instagram fitness pages and how I found a program that actually worked (I gained booty muscle and went up a size in my jeans which I could never achieve!) but I wanted more. Joining this community of powerful girls is so inspiring. I talk to them pretty much all day, through live videos on Facebook, group messages, group pages and online webinars. I had no idea this world existed. Emily seriously gave me the opportunity of a life time. She's only 23 and is seriously so successful. I'm even motivated more to not only improve my health and fitness, but also help others wanting to do the same.

Nobody can make you do something. You have to make yourself want to do it. I'm doing this for me. I want to live a long, healthy (ish...can't stay away from Mexican food) life. My family has health problems and I want to steer clear from those for as long as I can. This is what motivates me! I love that I have a huge support system helping with my fitness life, even on days where I feel super unmotivated. I want to be able to help you stay motivated and build a better version of yourself.

If you are serious about wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and be apart of a community who will stand by you at all times, please email me at to start your fitness journey!

Also I created a fitness Instagram only (so I don't overflow my main account with this) and it's fitnesswithjessica! Make sure to follow :)