How I Stay Inspired

Recently I've been struggling with staying inspired and trying to provide creative, one of a kind content. As you have noticed, I've been M.I.A from the blog only because I've had major writers block! I don't just want to post anything to just have something on here. I want it to have meaning and something I feel to be different.

It's hard competing with a million other creative content creators and trying to stay inspired. Some days things come to my mind easily and I'll write it down, and other days I always ask myself "does that make sense?"

Recently I've been on a journey to find some inspiration. I know everyone has a moment in their life where they feel like they are in a rut. THAT'S ME this second. Whether it's career wise or not, there's times I don't want to do anything. 

I hope that my struggles will help others who may be going through the same thing. Being 25, older people assume you should have your life together. My parents were married and pregnant at this age. Times for sure have changed. I find living in my 20's is WAY different then it was for our parents and even grandparents. Jobs don't pay enough to live. I worked a typical 8 hour job, if not even more, working my a** off, got two professional licenses (which I thought would benefit me) and had the experience, yet I was barely making $12 an hour. I was training employees, taking lead on projects and was in the run of becoming office manager. Yet I was barely making enough to even afford rent. How was I to live on my own? Afford food? Even make car payments? All of this led me to a downhill spiral of where my life was taking me. I didn't want this lifestyle. I didn't want to be miserable at work, dealing with clients who tried to argue over a 20 cent increase on their insurance policy. I was tired of being made the bad person for taking vacation or even stepping out of the office for lunch. It was time for a change. A major change.

I decided I needed to chase what makes ME happy. I have found a lot of inspiration through Instagram and watching Youtube videos. To know that there are people out there dealing with the same issues and made something of themselves is INSPIRING. If your ever lacking inspiration in your life, find that inspiration through social media. Whether its a Youtuber, a cute Instagram that provides a ton of inspiration quotes, or a Facebook page that does the same.

I came across a Facebook page by the name of Frank Sommerville KTVU. He's a news anchor for the San Francisco area. He always shares such amazing stories. Some sad, but mostly very inspiring. He's also extremely relatable to a lot of people. Ever since finding his page, I've been inspired. Whether it's to be nicer to someone or help our community, his stories are inspiring.

Another great tip that I've recently been using a lot is finding travel pages on Instagram. I literally just typed "travel" into the search bar and a ton of travel pages appeared. Once you start following some, they also recommend pages as well. Of course I hit "follow"! I've racked up my followers with a ton of Disney, traveling, food and fashion accounts. That's what makes ME inspired. Follow people or pages that inspire you. I've been really into traveling a lot and that is what lead me to following a ton of travel Instagram accounts. I'm not kidding. I think I follow over 300+ accounts all related to traveling.

Doing all of this has made me so inspired. I want to share what I'm doing, where I'm traveling. I want to provide high quality content whether it's Youtube videos, Instagram pictures or a blog post. I needed to find that spark inside me. I was allowing others to tell me how to live my life and who I'm allowed to surround myself with. Taking control of MY LIFE has made me so much stronger. If you know me, I've always been shy. I hate any sort of drama. I hate rumors. I hate being starred at or girls giggling in their group of girls and then looking over at me. I hate that people judge me for not even knowing me! Trust me, a lot of people have and probably continue to do so. But these are people who have never even said a word to me. I'm not talking social media status because you will constantly be judged there. But by people I see in my real life. I must say that also inspired me to work harder then I ever have before. To prove people wrong. To show that they assumed wrong. It made me want to share my stories, my struggles, my weakness to my viewers who may be going through the same thing. People being rude to you for no reason really is a debby downer. But you've got to pull through and prove them wrong. Prove those wrong that your worth something. I don't know how many times I've heard the word "I'm so disappointed in you" because I'm not a homeowner, because I'm not married or have kids or because I'm not where I'm supposed to be in life according to their standards.

If you ever need advice or help on finding some inspiration in your life, do not be afraid to send me a message on twitter. You can find me at jesscarbie.

I hope you dig deep down and find some inspiration for yourself. Make yourself happy, not others.