First Day of School Makeup, Hair & Outifit

Lately I've been saying to myself "I wish this was around when I went to school!" every time I walk into a store or watching someone's back to school videos on YouTube. Times have seriously changed! Whether you are attending high school or college, I hope the video I created can help inspire you with an adorable first day of school. You always want to make an impression no matter where you go.

I attended high school in 2005, and as a freshman I was stuck wearing American Eagle, Hollister Co and Abercrombie and Fitch. All us girls looked like a walking advertisement! I still enjoy Hollister Co and American Eagles jeans and such, but style has definitely evolved since the early 2000's! You can find a ton of affordable items at Forever 21 and H&M. Although somethings in Forever 21 run WAY TOO SMALL! 

For your hair, you want to do something that won't take you a ton of time. I used to shower every night and allowed for my hair to air dry because I was that kid that slept in till the last second before getting ready.

Makeup is not a necessity, but it's more trendy then it was when I attended school. Before, you'd probably get made fun of for wearing any type of makeup. Then it kind of went to those "raccoon eyes" with the extremely dark eyeliner and mascara. Now a days I'm someone who loves makeup (its part of my career!) and love looking made up. But there are times when you want to look natural, for instance, SCHOOL! 

I hope my video will help cover all of these topics and help make your first day of school easy breezy!

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