Favorite Foundation Brushes

I feel like I've been on the hunt for the past 5 years to find the perfect tool to give me that "airbrush" application for my foundation. I've narrowed down 3 must have foundation brushes everyone needs for their makeup collection!

Number one in my heart and the one I always find myself grabbing for is the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush. I first heard of Sigma years ago by MakeupbyTiffanyD and was so intrigued by the brand and their brushes. At the time, MAC was the most talked about brand for brushes, but were very pricey. The Sigma F80 leaves your foundation looking flawless whether your buffing or stippling. I've had this brush in my kit for 4 years already and the quality is AMAZING still! It does not shed nor feel rough on your face. I recommend this brush for those who use a thicker foundation like Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo or Tarte Amazonian Clay. You will not be disappointed. This brush is only $24 and will last forever if you take care of it. I'm currently a pro artist through Sigma just like I am through MAC, and am trying to get an affiliate code for you with Sigma so stay tuned!

The beautiful Morphe M439! I just added this foundation brush to my collection just last year after hearing Jaclyn Hill rave about it. Must admit, it's amazing and it only costs $13.99! Morphe is known for high quality products at an affordable price and I'm so pleased by the quality of this foundation brush. I use this when I'm using a liquid foundation like Elcie Silque Foundation or the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation as it's extremely soft but not as dense as the Sigma F80.

Last but not least, the beauty blender! I love how they come in different colors now other then just the hot pink. I personally own the black one myself so I don't have to see my foundation stains! This isn't my go to always, but I do love the way it applies foundations and blends out concealer. It also sheers out foundation as it tends to soak up more product then a synthetic brush but it's perfect for those who want a sheer coverage. I try to use this when my foundation contains no water or oil. Let's remember, water soaks up more water and oil and water do not mix! We tend to forget the ingredients in our foundations a lot and some people will bash this product because they aren't remembering the science. I would recommend this if your foundation is silicone based like the MUFE Mat Velvet +. Go ahead and try it with oil based foundations (which is rare as most foundations now a days are silicone or water based) and figure out what works best for you. Just never use this with a foundation with a water base! It will soak up the water in your foundation and can make the application of it look very patchy.

Hope these recommendations help! I'm constantly asked what I'm using to apply my foundation and hope this has now answered your questions.