DIY Face Toner

Who knew Apple Cider Vinegar was good for your skin, as well as your digestive and immune system? Find out why I choose this for it's skincare benefits over my usual $30 toner.

I know most people don't apple a toner after they have just washed their face, but my skin is combination oily (meaning I'm oily in my t-zone and dry everywhere else) and I don't feel like my pores are "clean" unless I use a toner. I've been doing so since 8th grade! 

My usual toners were the Clinque Clairifying Lotion or the Proactiv Toner. I love both of these products tremendously, but after watching some skin care videos on YouTube (must admit, I have an addiction with watching TOO many hours of YouTube lol!) and searching Pinterest, I came across a 2 ingredient toner that many people were raving about, even celebrities. 

All you need is a bottle to put your product in, some apple cider vinegar and distilled or filtered water. Fill your container up mostly with water, then add in your apple cider vinegar. If you are not a fan of the vinegar smell, you can always add a scent into the bottle but I decided not to since my skin is sensitive. All I do is hold my breath while I'm applying this over my face. Also make sure to shake the bottle before applying to a cotton round.

Balances your skins pH (potential hydrogen) balance. Skins normal pH balance is 5.
Dries out your acne (so true!) Just be careful using this as a toner if you have dry skin.
Brightens your skins complexion.
Tightens your skin.
Removes unwanted oils (good for oily skin girls!)
Shrinks and clears out pores.

I must admit I was scared to apply this to my skin, mostly because I dislike the smell of vinegar, but in just a week my problem areas were becoming less noticeable and my pores are no longer clogged! Large pores have been my struggle for a while now and I'm so happy that I found something that's natural to help with this problem! Also note that yes your face will slightly smell like vinegar, but once you apply your moisturizer and even your makeup if you use this in the morning, the smell will no longer be there.

Apple cider vinegar is also used for many other beauty DIYs like face wash, hair shampoo, and to even clean your makeup brushes. A bottle of this (and mind you it's a HUGE bottle) is only about $5. That's a bargain!