10 Places To Travel During Summer

Summer is here and it's a great excuse to get out and travel! I know I've been M.I.A for over a week but I've been doing so much traveling lately. Besides the point, if your like me and really love to travel, think about adding some of these places to your list. 

1) Santa Cruz, CA - Yes I know, this doesn't make sense since I live here, but I hardly visit any tourist destinations at all and sort of stick to what I know best. But since I've been into blogging and having a "trendy" instagram feed, I find roaming around town is a must so I can capture the beauty with my DSLR camera.

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was voted by USA Today as the Best Boardwalk in the USA! I loved coming here with friends during the summer time and even had field trips here while I was at YMCA summer camp. As I've gotten older, I think I've only visited the boardwalk a few times as I've really only gone to play mini golf and the attractions would be closed due to it being off season. It's truly a beauty and a lot of fun though. Don't forget to try the funnel cakes!

While your in the area, also make sure to check out Henry Cowell State Park. The Redwood trees are breathtaking and I love taking hikes through the mountains. Roaring Camp (which is right next to the park) offers train rides up the mountain and also to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

2) San Diego, CA - Now I've only been here once in my life, but I remember very vividly how amazing it was!

If you enjoy visiting a zoo, San Diego has probably the best zoo in California. They also have a smaller version of the boardwalk that kind of resembles Santa Cruz. 

3) Yosemite, CA - Such a beautiful place to visit with your friends or family and take in the gorgeous views of nature. 

You can either camp or stay at a cabin or hotel while your visiting here.

4) Santa Monica, CA - The atmosphere here is amazing and even though it's a major tourist destination, the most well known part of Santa Monica is the pier.

Make sure to grab your camera because the sunsets here are beyond breathtaking. Another great thing about the beach area is that the walking path takes you all the way down to Venice Beach.

5) Pismo Beach, CA - I feel like I visit Pismo at least once a month. It's not a very big town, but the majority of the hotels are within walking distances of downtown. It's seriously cute and I always make sure to grab myself some cinnamon rolls from Old West Cinnamon Rolls (the cinnamon rolls are more fresh if you pick some up in the morning).

Another landmark location is the Oceano Dunnes where you can camp and ride your dirtbikes or atvs. 

6) San Francisco, CA - Now I'm not one who usually enjoys big cities as I've found myself getting lost here the most and it taking over an hour to get from the wharf to the freeway, but you can't beat the landmarks here and amazing views.

Of course a sight to see is the Golden Gate Bridge. There are a few locations to view this from and you can take a drive across it, just know there's a toll service that will be billed to you for coming back. Another location to see is Pier 39. They have a ton of cute little shops and some amazing places to eat. Lombard Street is a must see as well and it's always fun to drive down it. If you ever have watched Full House (who hasn't?!) then go visit the Painted Ladies and take a few pictures from the park across the street. Also if you love all things Disney, the Walt Disney Family Museum is located right by the Golden Gate Bridge and is an amazing experience.

7) Aptos, CA - Aptos is driving distances within many towns, including Santa Cruz, but the atmosphere here is completely different. I went to middle school and high school in this town, but over the years I've noticed how many tourist make a stop here. Yes it's mostly for the beaches, but it's because the views are B E A U T I F U L !! 

Now you can camp at Seacliff State Beach, but usually reservations fill up fast. There are other State Beaches in the area that have camp grounds, but some require you to reserve a spot up to 1 year prior to your visit. My favorite places to eat here are Sno-White Drive In (is it bad that they know my order by heart?), Burger, Palapas (which is in Seascape), and Serverinos. 

8) Monterey, CA - Another popular tourist destination is Monterey. You have Old Fisherman's Wharf, the 17 mile drive, the aquarium and so much more.

The best clam chowder in my opinion is at Fisherman's Grotto on the wharf. I could eat it every day if I could! 

9) San Luis Obispo, CA - I never really experienced what was in SLO until recently. I know it's a huge college town and I had a few friends that went there, but there are so many wineries and near by towns to visit that I never knew existed! I've heard of Morro Bay, but had no idea it was 15 minutes away from SLO. Drove there and was mind blown by how adorable that town was!

Now I've always wanted to stay at Madonna Inn here in SLO but since they require a minimum of a 2 night stay on the weekends, another adorable place to stay is the San Luis Creek Lodge. Literally felt like I was staying in a home.

10) South Lake Tahoe, CA - Tahoe is a destination that's busy during winter and summer seasons, but it's so beautiful you just can't pass it up. We use to camp at the KOA every summer around 4th of July as Lake Tahoe has one of the biggest firework shows ever! (Besides Disneyland!) 

These are just a few places to travel to during summer and I hope to add these to my list as well. I've really been into traveling lately as it always allows me to free my mind and feel adventurous! 

Safe travels everyone!