Tips for starting a YouTube channel

I'm sure many of you are curious as to how to get into YouTube. Now I'm not a expert on making my channel grow as I've just started focusing on it more than 2 months ago, but I've always thought of creating my own channel and have received a lot of advice from those who are now the "pros".

#1 rule of YouTube:
Don't do it for the money or the fame. People will notice this in a split second and it's only going to hurt your channel. Do it because it's your passion.

Now creating your page is easy as 1,2,3, but knowing how to properly display things is a huge part of your channel growth.
  • Create a unique banner that displays your channel name and when you upload videos.
  • Create a playlist for categories of your videos for easier viewing.
  • Create a video or place a video that is your featured post for new viewers to see when they first click on your channel.
  • Create your about me section with short details about you and also an email for business inquires.
  • Have a head shot for your profile picture that is clear.

Now your going to need to think about what type of content your going to provide. Know you are competing with millions of other users doing the same exact thing.


Beauty channels: They were the number 1 top channels on YouTube with users like NikkieTutorials, Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerriero (all have 3+ million subscribers) and in a way, they still are, but so many other categories have taken over. If this is your category, stick with it. Always make sure your not copying someone because viewers will notice and allow your personality to shine. Those 3 creators I've mentioned are all unique in their own ways and have grown their channels tremendously. There are other top beauty gurus too like Kandee Johnson and Desi Perkins, along with many others.

Video game channels: Probably always the top channels to ever exist. I actually think Minecraft videos are the most watched videos on YouTube. Pewdiepie is the leader of the board for his channel with 44 MILLION subscribers! That's insane! He also now has his own show on YouTube Red. If this is your thing, go for it. Just again, make sure to be yourself.

Prank channels: These channels are hard to grow as your pranks have to be good. Roman Atwood has over 8 million subscribers for his crazy pranks and PrankvsPrank has almost 10 million subscribers.

Cooking channels: They are becoming more popular now especially with Rosanna Pansino's awesome creations. She has about 6 million subscribers and everything she creates is unique to its own.

Vlogging channels: This is probably one of the hardest channels to compete with. They are mostly popular with creators who already have a huge following. I made the mistake at trying this and my channel was growing at a snails pace. It's also hard to vlog things when nothing in your life seems exciting. Vlogging is terms for video diaries - for example: showing every single thing your doing in a day and walking around looking like a silly person talking to a camera. Top creator and probably the channel that started vlogging is the Shaytards (previously Shaycarl). They are seriously such a fun family and Shays personality is one of a kind. Their channel is now at 4 million subscribers. Hardships of vlogging though, especially with a partner - bfvsgf (whom are the same couple as prankvsprank) have put their life in daily vlogs for the past 7 years and have ranked over 8 million subcribers just to their vlog channel. So much pressure and getting lost in the vlogs has caused the couple to split. Just be careful if you vlog, to give time to yourself and to not show every single detail to your life. They have had such great success with their channels and even their own YouTube Red show but have now put a stop to it at the moment.

Vlogging films: Now really only 2 people are doing such a thing like this on YouTube and it's because they are filmmakers themselves. If you've never heard of Casey Nesitat then your doing something wrong. If you've seen "Skiing through Times Sqaure" or the Aladdin video with Jesse, then you know who he is. He only has 2+ million subscribers, but deserves so much more for his awesome videos. Since doing daily videos though, his channel has grown from 500,000 subscribers to now 2 million just over a year. He's doing something right. Sawyer Hartman is also a creator who makes short films for his channel. He just recently started doing daily videos, but his work is amazing.

Lifestyle channels: Now this is the direction I'm taking my channel in. I feel like this category is now one of the most popular ones on YouTube. It covers beauty, fashion, travel, DIYs, life hacks and so much more! MyLifeAsEva is one of the top creators for this category with her quirky personality. Her channel is now 6+ million subscribers and always ranks 1 million+ views on every single video she posts. LaurDIY is the DIY queen of YouTube. She has 3+ million subscribers and has the cutest videos. A lot of girls who are in this category are well over 1 million subscribers and their channels have taken off fast. My other favorites are Niki&Gabi, AlishaMarie, MissTiffanyMa, Sierra Furtado, and more. iJustine is another great channel, with this being her 10th year on YouTube, she covers anything from tech, to cooking, traveling and vlogging all in one place.

Tech channels: They are a lot of channels competing against one another and don't have the fastest growing channels on YouTube, but they provide great reviews on any item your ever thinking of purchasing. iJustine is again in this category with her Apple and Canon knowledge.

How often should you upload?
It's recommended once every week, but if you post more, make sure you have 2 to 3 days in between from your previous posting. This is to ensure your video doesn't get lost in the subscribers page.

Create a great thumbnail:
This is the first thing a viewer sees. Make sure it's bright and clear and if you add words to it, make sure its easy to read. Thumbnail size is 1280 x 720.

Tagging your videos:
Make sure your using tags that are relevant to your video. Don't use "cute cats" if there isn't a cat being shown in your video.

Always reply to as many comments as you can and also leave comments on other peoples videos. Don't spam and try to market yourself. Be genuine and leave a compliment. If you don't believe me, pretty much every creator has mentioned this is their "How to start a YouTube channel" video.

Don't give up!
Don't get discouraged if your not getting a ton of views (like me) or having people subscribe. Over time they will come and hard work always pays off. It's super easy to get discouraged. Even more so when people with click bait thumbnails get more views then those who work hard. Click bait is using a photo only to capture someones attention but not actually have anything to do with the video. Just stay focused and inspired. 

Don't use copyright music:
You don't want your channel to be flagged and too many strikes gets your channel deleted. A lot of big YouTubers get away with some due to their channel being under a network. Networks don't use YouTube's filtering services and the networks are supposed to catch these issues before posting, but some just don't. If you want to use popular music, just search for a remixed version. Make sure the song isn't owned by a network, otherwise you won't be able to monetize your videos.

Collaborations are huge in the lifestyle category and help grow your audience even more. Just don't expect to collab with someone who has 400,000 subscribers and you only have 100. Most likely it won't happen.

Now networking is big on growing your channel. They also help with legal issues as well. This doesn't really start happening until you hit 5,000 subscribers. Either networking companies will reach out to you or you can apply to them.

Be yourself:
Great example of this is a video MyLifeAsEva did about YouTube. She stated she was pretending to be someone she wasn't and didn't get a good response. Once she started being her dorky self, her channel grew to 500,000 subscribers within a year. Viewers want to feel like your talking to them and only them and that your enjoyable to watch. There needs to be that connection.

Another huge thing, just have fun! You will go through ups and downs just like everyone else. Don't get caught up in the numbers, that will only drive you crazy. Don't give into the haters, they are all over YouTube. The more popular you become, the more you will receive. It's what you've signed up for. Just remember who you are as a person and think positive. Again I'm not an expert, but I've watched so many channels have great success and have listened to their success stories so many times, that I find blogging about it hopefully will help you in some way.