Tips for clear skin

Pic Credit: We heart it

One of the most common questions I get from people is how do I keep my skin so clear. It takes a lot to do so, but hopefully some of my tips can help!

Besides your skin care products (see earlier post for what I use), other things you put on and in your body contribute to clear skin.

My number one struggle - F A S T  F O O D! As much as it's hard to resist fries, sodas, donuts and more, all those sugary items contribute to acne and other skin problems. First step to clear skin, be careful what you feed your body. Avoid high sodium products and sugar, especially around that women time as your hormones are running wild and your most likely to break out then. Eating clean will not only make you feel good inside, but also on the outside.

Foods to help with clear skin: Salmon, sweet potatoes, almonds, sunflower seeds (not the salty ones!), tomatoes, red/green/and yellow vegetables, and many more!

Drink LOTS of water. This can be a problem for some, but try to drink at least 8 glasses a day. You won't see "instant" results in our "instant world", but over time you'll notice your skin is brighter and more plump. Try to cut out sodas as much as you can. It's hard to not consume those, but my strategy is to only have one if I'm eating out, which is very rarely. We don't even buy sodas and I must admit, I really don't miss it. Sugary items will clog your pores, which then result in buildup and to that lovely pimple. Think about it.

Wash those makeup brushes! I don't mean your quick spray from Sephora, you need to DEEP CLEAN THOSE BAD BOYS! Imagine all the oils that build up on your face from the time you wash it to the time your applying your makeup. Even worse, imagine those oils sitting in your makeup brushes this instant! Gross, I know. If you don't deep clean those once a week, those oils build up bacteria, which then results to you using the brushes on a daily basis and causing breakouts. I used to use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit, which I love, but was bad at keeping my brushes clean. I started to notice breakouts all around the outer rim of my face and under my cheekbones, which is where you contour. I stopped using it for a week and notice my skin clearing up. This is why it's so important to keep your brushes clean and your fingers out of products! The quick brush cleaners are great for daily use, but they don't kill your bacteria. That's why once a week you really need to wash your brushes. I love using the Beauty Blender deep cleaner or even Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo.

Skip days wearing makeup. It's hard to do this if you go to work everyday, but try to give your skin a break every once in a while. I find myself wearing foundation maybe 2 to 3 times during the week and then on the weekends. Piling on foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer and blush can clog your pores and cause breakouts. Your skin will love you if some days you don't wear any makeup, or maybe a BB cream in replacement of your foundation.

STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE! I used to sit at my desk at work with my hand under my chin, and kid you not, I'd always end up with small pimples in that EXACT area. All that bacteria on your hands from touching everything transfer right to your face if you keep touching it. If you must touch your face, make sure to wash your hands good.

Avoid using your hands or brushes to apply skin care products and makeup products. To apply my moisturizer, I was using my fingers to pick up product to apply to my face and then over time I started breaking out. Just like not touching your face, don't touch your products! Bacteria again will build up and will just cause you more issues with acne. Try using disposable spatulas (the makeup/skincare kind, not an actual cooking utensil) for this.

Exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week. It helps keep those pores clean and helps get rid of any dirt that could still be sitting there, even after you've washed your face. Also use a face mask every week. Usually a clay mask works best, but if you have dry skin, try a moisturizing mask. You'll be looking like you just came from the spa without breaking the bank.

Wash your face every morning and night. This has been my drill since middle school. If I go to bed with just wiping off my makeup with a makeup wipe, I will break out! Makeup wipes are meant to remove your makeup before you wash your face, there are no benefits for them to actually keeping your skin clear. The struggle is real I know. There's nights where I'm just too lazy to even do so, but instant karma if I don't.

Hope these will help you! There's so many more tips that I can go on about, but this post would end up looking like a novel, which it kind of already looks like one, LOL.