Summer Room Decor

Get in the summer spirit with these easy room decor ideas!

I use to admire the room decor photos all over Pinterest and wished my room would somehow magically look just like that. While it's still not on that level of awesomeness, I've taken the decor to my room way more serious than before and I'm pretty pleased with myself! 

My wall color is currently a light grey (Gallery Grey from Kelly Moore Paints) and all of my furniture is white. I was missing some cute decor and found an inexpensive way to add color to my room.

The picture above is the design above my desk. I added bright flowers from Michael's in a mason jar to bring a little light into my life, and also because I have 2 adventurist cats that find it entertaining to knock over vases filled with water and real flowers, hence the reason for fake flowers (also my allergies can't handle them). I know the calendar says June, and it's only because my May sheet is currently being put to use as I jot down some notes, but it's almost June! The framed "Young, Wild and Free" picture is from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It was actually up there all by itself until I rearranged some card stocks I had. The card stock pack was purchased from Michael's and is initially used for scrap booking (which I did use it for just that) but it also makes for some inexpensive wall art. Usually you will find cute ones in a frame around the $30 range, but I think the entire book I purchased was on sale for $10. Later on I will add frames to them, but for now I enjoy looking up to see some inspirational words.

 On the opposite side of my room is my makeup sanctuary (literally). The lights add a feel of comfort and serenity. I purchased them around Christmas time but they have some cute ones from Urban Outfitters, it just will cost you more. Again with the card stock, I added some full sized pages to my walls with inspiring quotes. Ever since adding those to my room, I have really been inspired to conquer the world. The flower arrangements are the same ones like on my desk, except they have white and yellow daisies as well. I used mason jars as my vase and added some fake grass to them so they didn't look so bare. The fake grass can also be purchased from Michael's. I'm still trying to arrange my shelves as I have a ton of body lotions, perfumes, and foundations that have taken over, but the white shelving units were actually apart of a walk in closet. Soon I will add some clear organizers to them for the clutter.

Hope this helps inspire some to brighten up their homes with some color! It really keeps my spirits up and most of the time I don't want to leave my room because it's too pretty.

Pretty soon I will be posting a DIY Summer Room Decor video/blog post with DIY mousepads, coasters and more! Look out for that.


(*Editing note: I know I have 3 mirrors for my makeup area, but the most used ones are the one on the right, due to it having a light so I can see what I'm doing, and the little one to the left.)