How to start a blog

Pic credit: Pinterest
Have you ever been interested in how to start a blog? Or where to even start?! I've gotten so many questions on how to even start one so let's get into it!

I have always enjoyed writing. English was one of my best subjects in high school, and in my senior year, my English teacher even suggested that I become a writer. Of course at that time, I was like sure...okay? Because I was more worried about other things then my future.

My suggestions obviously are going to be different for everyone, but I do hope they help in some way!

I suggest first to decide where you want your blog to be. For me, it was through as it's attached to my Google account and my Youtube channel. There is also and, but research first what will work best for you as the wordpress sites are both different, and one requires you to maintain a lot more then usual.

Once you've decided where your blog will be, think about purchasing a domain. I struggled on this subject for a bit and wasn't too sure why I would even want to, but it was so much easier to display my page then the usual name it automatically gave me.

Now the appearance of your blog is very important. Visually you want it to be clean, simple, and professional, but also have your own flare on it to make it unique. I'm a super simple person and love color, but also really love the black and white look. Hence the color scheme of my blog! You can make your blog your way if your good with HTML, or you can purchase a template. I did both as the template is a guide for me on how I'd want my page to display.

Important part of starting a blog - post quality content! Just like Youtube, you always want the content you post to be its absolute best! Companies and other blogs can work with you, but will only do so if your successful. To tag onto that, don't expect instant fame right away. It takes A LONG TIME! I really mean that. I'm someone who likes seeing my progress, but you must not look! It will detour you away from wanting to continue. I recently hit a road block in Youtube because I am a perfectionist and didn't like the quality I was posting. If you want someone to work with you or for your page to grow, work hard for it! Nothing will ever come easy, but never give up! You will learn so much from your mistakes and struggles.

Touching back on the content subject, decide what inspires you to write. For me its lifestyle topics. I love DIYs, fashion, beauty, fitness, tech, video games and more. If that's your kind of thing, write about it! Someday's I feel like writing more personal topics, and others more like inspiration. It truly depends, but make sure it ties into who you are as a person, not just because that's what others are doing. 

Last important strategy, SHARE YOUR PAGE EVERYWHERE! You won't grow by keeping it a secret and wishing for random people to land on your page. Visually when you share, people will strike interest and like it and others will soon follow along. 

I know this post is like a book but I love reading others tips and tricks on starting blogs. More are for the money and others are for the content. I'll touch back soon on this topic in a few months and will also be doing a "How to start a Youtube channel."