DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is this Sunday (May 8th) and I have two super cute, quick, DIYs!

Mom coffee mug

You will need:
- Plain white coffee mug
- Acrylic Satin Finish Paint (I chose 3 colors, but pick as many as you'd like)
- A round sponge applicator (I used 3 different sizes)
- Stick on letters (Found these in the scrap book department)

All supplies were purchased at Michael's.

Step 1) Apply the letters to your mug
Step 2) Dip your round sponge applicator in the paint and apply directly to the mug, focusing most of the dots around your letters.
-Alternate between colors - just make sure they don't mix!
Step 3) Allow to dry for a few minutes, then carefully peel off the letters.
Then it's ready to be gifted!

Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

You will need:
- Washi tape
- Popsicle sticks (Doesn't matter what size)
- Printed pictures
- Decor stickers
- Hot glue gun or tacky glue
- Scissors

Again, all supplies were purchased at Michael's.

Step 1) Decide how big you'd like the frame to be. This will determine how many popsicle sticks to use. I'd suggest if your making one like in my picture, to use 1 popsicle stick as the back support.
Step 2) Apply washi tape to your popsicle sticks. Depending on the size of the popsicle stick, you may need to add more tape. Clean up the edges with your scissors.
Step 3) Apply either the tacky glue or the hot glue gun to glue together the popsicle sticks.
Step 4) Lay out how you want your photo and stickers to lay. Then glue those down.
Step 5 is optional) You can add a magnet to the back of these as well.

Also these popsicle stick frames can be different shapes and sizes.

Hope you enjoyed!