Cinco de Mayo Margarita Recipe

Happy Cinco de Mayo! If your 21 or older and you decide to go out, be safe and don't drink and drive! Below is a wonderful margarita recipe! Enjoy :)

I love a great margarita and when I was taught this recipe, I found this was the best tasting margarita I've ever had!

Directions for making this bomb drink:

**Grab a shot glass to use for measuring the ingredients. 1 part means the full shot glass, 1/2 part means half the shot glass**

Step 1) Choose a small/medium size cup or mason jar. It's best if you have reusable ice cubes, as regular ice cubes can water down the drink. If not, it's still okay to use ice!
Step 2) Take 1 part tequila, 1 part orange juice, 1 part triple seq, and 1/2 part simple syrup. Pour those all into a shaker with ice and shake well.
Step 3) Cut a lime in half and squeeze the lime into the shaker. Shake the shaker once again and place the used lime in the glass you are using.
Step 3) Pour the margarita in the glass, making sure the lime is being filled up as well.
Step 4) Drink away! Be careful, these drinks are REALLY strong.

If you like salt, you can salt the rim of the glass beforehand.

Be safe!