What's in my purse?!

I use to never be a purse kinda girl, and still till this day am not huge on having millions of purses for different outfits. I do however have an obsession with my Michael Kors Selma Stud Medium Messenger Bag.

This purse retails at $248.00. I know that's a lot for a purse, but so worth it for the quality of the product! I purchased this purse back in July of 2015 from Macys.com (it was sold out on MK official website). I was afraid it was going to be too big, but it's truly perfection. Do know that if you go to a public event that has bag restrictions (they should have a bag policy on the events website), this will be too big to even be considered a "clutch purse w/ a shoulder strap." This happened to me and I had to check my bag in before I could even enter the facility.

On another note, if your like me and own large purses (I have the Michael Kors Signature Tote in black) you know your able to carry a lot of things in there, and I mean A LOT! This purse, not so much... 

Here are my must haves for my messenger bag:
I always carry tissue - I have the worst allergies in the world and can't resist how cute the packaging is!
Got to be able to carry my sunnies when I'm not wearing them. I can usually carry the case inside the purse as well.
I get my nails done every 3 weeks, and sometimes acrylic nails can break or even lift easily if your rough on your hands. This nail glue saves my life sometimes! 
In my large tote I'm able to carry a large round brush, but that will NOT fit in the messenger bag! I just hate having messy hair so a small comb is always chillin in there.
If your like me and are always on the go, this portable charger is amazing! Found this on Ebay for only $12 and it can fully charge my iPhone 6s Plus!

Hope you enjoyed and leave a comment with your must have items for your purse!

Much love,