Quick breakfast smoothie

Quick breakfast smoothie for on the go!

I love smoothies and even love them more when I can whip one up right at home! I sometimes think it's pretty much drinking a yogurt parfait, because besides the milk, I use about the same ingredients for my yogurt toppings.

1 or 2 Banana's (I like using 2 to make it more banana tasting)
6-10 Strawberries, depending on their size & don't forget to wash them!
1/2 cup 2% milk (if not using milk, use soy or almond milk)
1 cup crushed ice

3 spoon fulls of nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt (I spoon out how much I need rather then making a mess in the container with a measuring cup)

For the amount I used, it filled up a 24oz cup.

I also love putting in Oats - but ran out of those last week...oops!
If you try adding oats in with the smoothie, I would use 1 cup or less (depending if you like the taste and texture. Something to help with that is a 1/2 tsp of vanilla.)