My current skin care routine: Morning & Night

I've been washing my face every morning and night since I was in the 8th grade. My mom always told me how important it always is to take care of your skin and I've honestly been complimented a ton about how clear my skin is. It's taken a few tries to figure what works best and what doesn't, but also my skin has changed a lot since starting my whole regimen.

As a 25 year old women, I am now not so concerned with acne treatments (teenage hormones) and more focused about reserving my skin while it ages. Everyone's skin is different and we can cause aging a lot sooner then planned if you kind of just don't care for it. Tanning, poor diet, and smoking are many reasons for bad skin. The quote "you are what you eat" is so true! Eating junk food is one way to cause acne. I'm not one who enjoys junk food much as I've gotten older. When I have sodas and candy, I end up breaking out. Same with tanning. I was stupid enough to try the tanning beds about 2 years ago. Yes I love being tan (how I stay tan blog post up by the end of the week) but I was causing so much damage to my skin that I started noticing my fine lines more and more. I stopped and I'm so thankful I did before it got worse. I want to preserve my youth, not speed up the aging process!

Occasionally I get small pimples around my chin and cheek area (from contouring products and bronzers) so I keep them minimal by using the Proactiv+ system. Now this isn't for everything. I notice when I don't use it, I get that one really big pimple that causes pain, and once its gone, it leaves a scar. My body is at an awkward stage right now as I'm starting to get adult acne more than hormonal. I am fortunate not to have bad skin issues but I find it has a lot to do with how I take care of it.

I use the same face wash system morning and night. The toner is from the original Proactiv system and I feel naked without using it. The only difference between my morning routine and my night time routine is my moisturizer. I seriously had a struggle finding the right day moisturizer as I was having bad reactions or it wasn't mixing well once I applied my foundation. Although the Clinque moisturizer doesn't contain any SPF, it helps keep my combo skin in check. For my night time cream, I recently started using the Shiseido WrinkleResist24 to plump up my skin and help with those dang laugh lines (I laugh and smile a lot lol). Your skin acts differently while your sleeping, hence the reason for a heavier moisturizer. I've notice my pesky fine lines have minimized and I no longer struggle with my foundation settling into those.

Another major tip to clear skin is drinking lots of water. This is no joke. It helps clean out all those bad toxins you may put into your body on a daily basis. This is one of the most important steps to helping me keep my skin clear I think.

Also clean those makeup brushes/sponges!! If I slack on this, I notice I get small pimples on my face. Daily quick cleansers are great - but you still have to DEEP CLEAN those bad boys at least once a week! Just imagine how much bacteria builds up on those....

I'm super excited because I recently found out the same creators of Proactiv came out with a new line focused towards adults! Thanks to one of my girlfriends, I'm going to be trying those out once I'm done with my current face wash.

Until next time!