How I stay fit

It's easy to lose motivation for working out or making excuses. I hope some of my tips and tricks can help others who need a little motivation in their life!
I've always been a super active person. I started at the age of 5 in gymnastics. I then did roller skating and took up tap and jazz dance. I was still up for trying anything, and played soccer for about 2 years. Once I got into high school, I was a cheerleader my freshmen year, and then again my junior year on the varsity team. After high school, I didn't work out at all! As I've gotten older, I've realized how I need to stay motivated and how important it was to stay fit.

I find the days I don't work out, I feel like I have no energy and I'm more stressed then ever. I found working out helped me feel happier in life and pushed me to strive for more. I ran across 2 awesome Instagram accounts that provided workout plans and motivation! One is ZoeLiveLoveLift and the other is AlexJeanFitness.

Everyone always told me how skinny I was and how lucky I am to be skinny. I literally had the hardest time gaining any weight from jr. high to even after high school. It was always a struggle to find jeans that fit me and it made shopping one of my lease favorite things to do. I didn't really start gaining weight until after my 20's, but it wasn't healthy weight. I didn't care what I was putting into my body and ate a lot of McDonald's and never worked out. I even drank more and started to see that affect my body. So I thought maybe not eating fast food and drinking would help me lose weight. Yeah, not so fast.

Just last year I had the light bulb go off in my head that I no longer wanted to look and feel miserable. I wanted to be fit and continue to be that way for years to come, and it's easier to start now then later!

 I started with purchasing Zoe's Build a Better Booty 3 month program (1st addition), and let me tell you, it truly worked! I wen't to having no "curves" to finally being able to move out of my same jean size to one size bigger because I was finally gaining healthy weight and had a ton of muscle definition being built! It built my confidence up and I started recommending it to so many people! I worked out 2-3 days a week doing legs and glutes. I also was eating more! A lot of protein and bigger portions, which was crazy to me. It was happening because I was building muscle. I'd eat eggs or oatmeal every morning, to tuna during lunch, and chicken for dinner. Also after my leg workouts, I'd drink a protein shake to help my muscles grow. Just be careful that you only do this if you are lifting heavy, otherwise it will go to places in your body that it's not supposed to and can cause an unhealthy weight gain.

Now I'm no pro but I found what worked best for me. I now work out everyday for at least 40 minutes (even if I'm super busy). Every other day I do leg/glute workouts, allowing for those muscles to rest, and on the off days, I focus on abs and arms. Alexa Jean's ab work outs have seriously kicked my butt! After just the first day, I was extremely sore but was addicted to doing more. It takes time to see results, but feeling better was all I needed. On her instagram, she posts so many workout tips and ideas for free! Check her out.

Currently I've maintained my leg gains by lifting heavy, but not pushing for more growth, and I've stopped drinking my protein shakes. Everyday I walk the treadmill for at least 10 minutes before hitting the weights or doing ab workouts, that way I can warm up my muscles. 30 minutes before my workouts, I drink pre workout to help keep me focused and determined to finish every exercise all the way through. It's hard to recommend a brand because everyone is different, and I've had bad reactions to a few until I found one that worked for me. If your looking to build muscle, it's really important to eat at least 30 minutes after your workout. Also vitamins is a must, and if your serious, even fish oil.

You honestly don't need to go to the gym to do these workouts as I now have all of these items at home. Also on weekends, I don't always have the time to workout, so I try to go for a fun hike!

I hope sharing my fitness story will inspire you on your own journey! It's hard to stay motivated, but having a support system and inspiration will get you moving.

Until next time!