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Pumpkin Patch Fun

Recently Cody and I visited the pumpkin patch to snap a few pics and grab some pumpkins. I must say, Useugi Pumpkin Patch is the cutest place in the entire central coast. Nestled in San Martin, Ca, its a Instagramer's dream to visit here.

Time To Catch Up

Time has gone by truly faster than I can blink. It surprises me that it's been over a month since any posting has been done. I find myself always saying this because for one, I'm human and sometimes don't have the energy to do so, and two, I haven't had one day where I've just done nothing in probably the last 4 months.

My Go To Photo Editing Apps

Would you believe me that prior to finding some amazing Lightroom Presets and teaching myself how to edit RAW images, that I once edited EVERYTHING I posted here on the blog and Instagram with my phone?!? Although ideally it's no longer how I edit photos, I still use a certain few for minor tweaks on images already edited, or for images being posted to my Instagram stories.