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Time To Catch Up

Time has gone by truly faster than I can blink. It surprises me that it's been over a month since any posting has been done. I find myself always saying this because for one, I'm human and sometimes don't have the energy to do so, and two, I haven't had one day where I've just done nothing in probably the last 4 months.

My Go To Photo Editing Apps

Would you believe me that prior to finding some amazing Lightroom Presets and teaching myself how to edit RAW images, that I once edited EVERYTHING I posted here on the blog and Instagram with my phone?!? Although ideally it's no longer how I edit photos, I still use a certain few for minor tweaks on images already edited, or for images being posted to my Instagram stories.

Lighthouse Adventure

I've lived my entire life in Northern California, and not once have I stopped and enjoyed the light house near Pescadero. There's a few light houses here close by, but this one I kept seeing on Pinterest and had to see what it was all about.